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IMAGE: Chrome Legs on Bar Stools and Bar Foot Rail

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Tri-Chrome and Chrome Electroplating

Tri-Chrome and Chrome Plating for highly reflective and wear resistant surfacese

Tri-Chrome and Chrome plating from Independent Plating combines exacting control of the electroplating process with both standard and proprietary chromic acid solutions. Our innovative approach to developing unique chrome plating options can yield important finish and service advantages for your chrome plated part. Our oversized Tri-Chrome and Chrome electroplating tanks and automated transfer system provide the ability to efficiently chrome plate very large parts like furniture frames, making us a preferred option for clients in need of Tri-Chrome and Chrome plating consistency over a large or complex surface area.

Beyond superior decorative results, the chrome plating benefits Independent Plating can deliver include improved plating coverage, enhanced corrosion protection, and increased Tri-Chrome and Chrome plating speed

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