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Independent Plating Metal Prep and Metal Finishing

Improving and Enhancing Your Metal Part’s Finish through Cleaning and Pretreatment

Metal preparation and metal finishing services from Independent Plating deliver economical aesthetic and functional benefits. Our ability to quickly, and effectively, modify and improve your parts' finish can help reduce part back-logs and part rejection counts, increase productivity, and improve part quality.

Located on the edge of Worcester MA, our expansive metal finishing facility houses efficient and oversized assembly line automation, allowing us to accommodate the precise finishing of unique, complex, and large parts. Dedicated shipping and trucking services further help to make us a cost-and quality-effective metal finishing resource for clients all across New England, the nation, and even the globe.

The value-add Metal Prep and Finishing services we offer at Independent Plating include:

Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive metal blasting from Independent Plating cleans and prepares your metal parts' surface by removing rust, paint, mill scale and other surface contaminants. Our abrasive metal blasting also improves metal surface properties for improved bonding of paints, coatings, and adhesives.

Metal Part Deburring

At Independent Plating, we understand that deburring is often an afterthought when designing and creating a high-volume, close-tolerance part. But we also understand that effective removal of sharp edges, burrs, and fins that naturally occur in metal stamping is crucial for final part performance. Our experienced team will apply the technology and techniques most effective to ensure clean, consistent, burr-free metal parts.

Metal Part Laser Etching

Laser etching and laser engraving services from Independent Plating offer a permanent and attractive solution for marking, labeling, identifying, tracking, numbering, or improving the function of your metal part. Our laser etching is an effective marking solution for complex, small, and high-activity parts where wet ink marking cannot endure. Permanent and extremely accurate, laser etching can be used on bare metals, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, titanium and even some plastics.

Metal Part Pad Printing

Pad printing services from Independent Plating delivers decorative single and multi-color printing effects on to three-dimensional metal parts such as metal bearings, stamped metal panels, aluminum cylinders, and more. Using a wet ink process and bendable silicone printing pads, our pad printing experts can transfer text and graphic images without distortion to a variety of part shapes in bare metal, anodized metal, painted metal, and powder coated metal.

Metal Part Masking

Masking services from Independent Plating allow for variable and selective finishes on the same part. Through our precision masking, we seal or “mask” areas of the part during various stages of the finishing process or processes. Metal masking is especially useful for creating part areas that require electrical insulation, defined electrical conductivity, and enhanced abrasion resistance. Have a part that contains threaded holes or precision slots, electrical or thermal contact points, or tight tolerance features? Our masking expertise can maintain part feature integrity, innovative and cost effective masking solutions.


Metal passivation services from Independent Plating provide a cost-effective way to maintain and preserve the canto-corrosion property of your parts. Using the passivation cleaning process, we remove iron and other surface contaminants from corrosion-resistant metals like stainless steel— maximizing corrosion resistance by enabling the formation of a chromium rich layer that offers added protection. Have a part that is heavily handled or contaminated through the production or assembly process? We can help maintain, and even improve, your part material integrity through metal passivation.


Degreasing and phosphating from Independent Plating is a two-step process that cleans and prepares your metal part to effectively accept a final surface coating. In degreasing, a variety of alkali agents, degreasing agents, and acidic de-scaling and de-rusting solutions are carefully applied to remove traces of grease, oil, rust and scale. After the degreasing is completed, the phosphating process immediately follows to prevent the formation of surface oxidation or “rusting.” Phosphating applies a protective pre-coat barrier made of a strongly adhered iron phosphate film Cleaned and corrosion resistant, your metal part is now ready to successfully accept the decorative coating or finish you specify.