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Quality Assurance at Every Step of the Plating and

Finishing process.

Metal Plating, Metal Finishing, and a lot more

Our Quality Assurance System is built around a thorough understanding of your finishing and delivery requirements and concentrates on:

Incorporating these Quality Assurance processes at every step of planning, testing, metal plating, and metal finishing ensure all expectations are consistently met. Independent Plating employees also test (and systematically retest) to make certain your metal parts' finish meets your visual standards, and also the application standards needed for end-use success. QA procedures of note include testing for film thickness, coating hardness, coating adhesion, specular gloss, and corrosion resistance. Final inspection, protective packing, and timely delivery using our own fleet of trucks whenever possible further ensures your product arrives as expected and on time.

In an industry where rejects and redo’s are all too common, Independent Plating has become a welcome resource where consistency and quality provide advantages that outperform the competition... even overseas!