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Electropolishing through Electrochemical Particle Reduction

Electropolishing for stunning surface beauty

Electropolishing from Independent Plating incorporates an "electrochemical" process for stunning visual results. Combining direct or “rectified” current with a chemical electrolyte bath, our electropolishing delivers “reverse plating” effects that remove surface imperfections and particles from the metal part surface. Oxygen gasses, which are released through this process at the part surface, provide additional cleaning and polishing benefits at the molecular level. Independent Plating’s electropolishing process continues with cleaning and drying to completely remove all electrolyte residue to reveal the bright, clean, mar-free finish improvement that only electropolishing can deliver.

Electropolishing for beauty that goes “beyond the surface”

You’ll immediately appreciate the bright, clean, surface improvement of your electropolished part; but, there are other important benefits this finishing process delivers beyond appearance! Effective deburring, size retention and control, microfinish improvements (and more) combine to deliver part integrity advantages that can improve product quality and performance while reducing end cost. Call Independent Plating today to learn more about the many part finishing advantages we can offer through electropolishing.