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Plating, Coating, Finishing and Value-Add Service Advantages.

Total Part Finishing solutions.

Metal Plating, Metal Finishing, and a lot more

Independent Plating combines respected metal finishing expertise with value-add services to deliver total part finishing solutions. Using traditional and innovative methods, we can effectively plate ferrous and non-ferrous metals in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and offer powder-coating and custom-finishing options to deliver the color, texture, and finish needed for your projects success.

Qualified to serve as your metal finishing experts, we are happy to offer metal finishing and plating design consultation to ensure success. From blueprint reviews and prototype finishing to consultation with project engineers, our commitment is to deliver the best finish possible…while saving you time and money!

Fast Metal Plating and Metal Finishing to meet your deadlines

We understand manufacturing deadlines. Our “do whatever it takes” approach ensures your project receives top priority. Careful planning and monitoring of operating procedures (according to tightly defined guidelines) delivers predictable, repeatable results the first time…so your metal part is finished faster and correctly right from the start!

Large and Small Part Plating and Finishing (without compromise!)

From fasteners to furniture (and everything in between), our vast storage areas, oversized tanks, curing ovens, and crane hoists allow us to plate or finish virtually any sized common part. Our innovative (and often proprietary) racking solutions deliver the finish your part demands without compromise.

Environmentally friendly, RoHS Compliant Plating and Finishing

We helped pioneer the standards for environmentally friendly plating processes and equipment in MA and offer plating procedures that meet RoHS compliance standards. This investment in equipment and protocol has made Independent Plating a company where being fast, affordable, and effective comes without sacrificing our ability to also “be green.”

Emergency and challenging Metal Finishing projects

Independent Plating was founded and built on going the extra mile to ensure our customers' needs are always met. Have a last minute or difficult production demand that is deadline crucial? We’re always willing to try new and innovative things — and extend working schedules as needed — to meet production demands without sacrificing quality. We’ve built custom plating tanks, complex racking systems, and even developed unique processes for plating and part finishing results that others said “couldn’t be done.”

Functional Coatings

We can apply highly durable coatings and combination-coating solutions that offer extreme protection and enhanced function. Advantages include corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, UV resistance coatings and/or combination of coatings that offer extreme protection/function.

Value-add Finishing, Assembly Packaging, and delivery of your metal part

Our total solution approach delivers time-sensitive convenience that can help YOU eliminate the need to invest in non value-add services. This includes: