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Powder Coating for durable, decorative Finishes

Thermoset and Thermocure Powder Coating for Enhanced Appeal and Durability

Powder coating from Independent Plating delivers decorative and durable powder coat metal finishes that meet the challenges posed by diverse applications, the environment...and selective consumers! Our dedicated powder coating departments deploy conveyer, chain-on-edge, and batch system automation, allowing us to accommodate diverse part shapes and powder coat part sizes that range “from fasteners to furniture.”

Our powder coating delivers a high level of finish excellence through precise control of the four Thermoset & Thermocure Powder Coating stages: Powder Coating Surface Preparation, Powder Coating Application, Powder Coating Heating, and Powder Coating Finish Curing. By understanding and controlling these variables, we are able to provide options for finish thickness, color, texture, and decorative effect without sacrificing the long-lasting, durable characteristics that make powder coating a preferred choice for industrial and consumer applications.

Powder Coating for Graffiti Protection

Our powder coating finishes also provide excellent graffiti protection. Scratch resistant , chemical resistant, anti-microbial and scrubbable, our powder coating solutions are perfect for high traffic items like railings, lockers, doors, benches, lamp posts, shelves, any item where abuse resistance and washability are important.

Base “Conversion” Coating

Conversion coating offers increased surface protection and elegance through a two-step powder coating process that prepares the part with a base coating, and then finish-paints the part to create desired effects and properties. Our ability to provide both steps provides service convenience, enhanced outcome control, and coating finish options that include Iridite, Aluminescent, and Phosphate.

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